Block Construction

BLOCKS start with a premium Giclée Print applied to an MDF substrate using an acid-free adhesive, that is then finished with a protective laminate. Block edges are sanded along the face and painted with your choice of colour paint.

Block Sizes

BLOCKS sizes are custom cut to fit your needs. We cut standard sizes from 4" x 6" all the way up to 40" x 60". We also cut custom sizes to fit crops, panoramas and different phone aspect ratios

BLOCK styles

table-top photoBLOCK

The Photo Block is a contemporary alternative to a traditional photo frame, perfect for bringing your favorite photos into your home of office. Blocks are our most popular and cost-effective photo products, and loved by everyone.

photo BLOCK wall

Blocks are perfect to build your photo wall with your collection of photos. This versatile system is ideal and easy to update. You can change out individual blocks or add to the existing photo BLOCK wall.

wall collage BLOCK

A great way to display your collection of favourite  photo memories from weddings, vacations, family shoots and events, in the form of a Photo Collage.

multi-BLOCK collage

Multi-Block Collage is another way to display your favourite picts. Each photo is on an individual block and evenly placed apart. It is then finished with one of our beautiful local wood backings.

collage BLOCK

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a photo collage worth. Simply send your photos to us and we will design a layout to tell your story - one that's uniquely yours.

signage BLOCK

Bring us your favourite engagement, anniversary or that special occasion image. We will custom print your image, place into a custom size mat for your guest to sign on. It is then finished with one of our beautiful local wood backings.

multi-panel BLOCKS

multi-Block is a creative way of splitting an image across many possible abstract layouts. This abstract blocking system breaks away from the traditional representation of framing. From print to install we take care take care of it all.

BLOCK on backing

Choose from hundreds of stunning hi-resolution photographs from around Trinidad & Tobago. Print any size up to 40" x 60"to dry-mount on a single block. Then choose a backing or frame from our stock of local woods,

canvas BLOCK

Streching Canvas is a traditional method for framing original paintings. In addition to providing this service, printing on canvas is popular for Digital Art as well. Canvas Stretching or Gallery Wrapping are two ways to finish off your canvas framing. Gallery Wrapping allows artwork to continually flow over the sides, while Stretching leaves a clean wrap finish. Your images are printed on high quality, archival-grade canvas and stretched around wooden frame. Each piece is finished with a protective clear UV-coat for extra protection. Canvas prints are a great and affordable from of Wall Art.

resin BLOCK

High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat, will make the colours in the artwork POP!!! Designed to enhance the image, while still being durable and strong, resin simply increases the attractiveness of whatever it's used on. Pour a resin coat on any piece and you will love it forever!

Block Installation

Rib System for easy installation and safety

Easy to Order

Once you have made a decision you can Email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive, We Transfer, or drop off a stick with your images at our studio. We will then send you a quote via email or whatsApp. Prints and small Block jobs will be completed same day. Midium size jobs can be completed in 2days to 3days. Large jobs 2 days to 7 days. Jobs requiring design or layout approval will need additional time for this. Once the job is completed we will call you to come and collect.

Easy to Pay

We accept credit card, direct payment and cheque. For first time customers a 50% deposit is required.

Easy Delivery

Delivery can be arranged via one of the local or international delivery services. We can quote you for packaging and delivery.

Easy Installation

Most of our products are easy to install. If you are not up to it, no probs, we can quote you to install your WALL ART.

BLOCK Calculator